Catherine & Malcolm Byrne

Wakefield, UK

It’s miraculous.

After two years study with Richard, having lived with arthritis since age 29, now I have far fewer aches, pains, and discomfort. It’s miraculous.

Richard’s belief in and commitment to Tai Chi communicates through his whole personality. Rarely have I felt so engaged by someone.

Malcolm and I recommend everyone takes the opportunity to meet with and learn from a truly remarkable person, Richard.

Catherine & Malcolm Byrne
Wakefield, UK

I help business owners get better health, enhanced energy, and beat their stress. I help others regain their health and get their lives back, now it’s time for me to help you.

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Taking you from overwhelmed, burnt out and exhausted to giving you massive energy, a calm focused mind and super health with special techniques developed from world class Tai Chi, physiology, neuroscience, and meditation.


For prospective clients and media enquiries get in touch with me at: rich@richmorley.com