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Chris Cook

Double Olympian, Two Times Commonwealth Gold Medallist, Motivational Speaker and Coach, North Yorkshire, UK

 If ever you get the chance to work with him, you’ll work with a class mentor who… takes you from exactly where you are to where you want to be.

Terry Cook

Podcaster and Coach,
Baildon, UK

Rich Morley is magic. Well, maybe not actually magic, but it feels like he’s magic… If you get the opportunity to work with Rich, do it!

Michael Griffiths

Co-Owner Ad-Venture Copywriting and Business Coach, Royston, UK

Medical professionals told me there was nothing more they could do for me… the change has been miraculous!

Venard Fong

Owner The Venard Clinic, Chronic Pain and Movement Solutions, Bromborough, UK

I went from 1 -2 cups of coffee a day to keep my energy levels up and to keep me awake to 1 cup of coffee a week!

Dino Tartaglia

Co-Founder Success Engineers, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

It was a revelation… he’s clearly masterful at what he does.

Louise Carrier

Graphic Designer, Wolverhampton, UK

I’d recommend you to anybody! These are powerful tools.


manny wolfe

Entrepreneur, California, UK

…nothing short of mind-blowing!

The Chi Gong stuff that you’ve been having me do is nothing short of mind-blowing! I’m more stable, both of my legs are stronger and I had some serious issues going on with my right leg that was affecting my balance and my strength and that’s all gone away!


Richard Grayburn

Senior Program Manager, Amazon, Sterling, Scotland, UK

My wife has been so impressed she’s nicked the video…

Over the last few years my lifestyle has become more and more desk-bound and sedentary. Not necessarily a deliberate choice, just where the work has led me. I’ve found that this has resulted more and more problems with flexibility – i.e. I have none!


david wishon

Vice President, Boston, MA, USA

The course was amazing!

I joined because I needed a pick me up. I was 41 and I was tired! I would get home from work, have dinner with the family, clean up, put my little ones to bed, and just be done for the day…



Speedie Consulting, UK

Rich is a lifesaver and everyone should buy some time with him.

I’ve recently joined Rich Morley’s Kick-Ass Program and he may have saved my life. And I don’t mean in a got my nuts out of a vice work kind of thing…


steve scholey

Business Coach, Alverthorpe, UK

Rich is the real deal!

I’ve been doing Tai Chi for around 20 years and thought that I’d developed my skills to a pretty good level. Then I started training with Rich and realised that I was just on the first rung and there are many more levels to master…


Colette Mason

Historical Fiction Publisher, London, UK

Calorie-free stress reduction.

Rich Morley could have decided to juggle chainsaws for a new challenge in life but no… he went the whole hog and said he can help me calm down and be less stressed…


Peter Cairney

Inverkip, Scotland, UK

I’d have no hesitation in recommending you…

As you know I’ve been feeling a bit stressed lately, which was increasing my anxiety. I had tried a couple of different things, but they didn’t seem to help for very long…


adam curtis

Curtis International, Bradford, UK

I have more energy.

As a business owner and consultant with a new business opening in America, time and health are very valuable to me and that’s why Rich’s Kick-Ass online coaching course instantly appealed to me…


sam green

Beneath The Bark, Burnley, UK

I feel better than I have in ages!

I’m always busy as a Dad and business owner and I have recently started to feel tired out a lot of the time and didn’t like it, I also wanted to feel less stressed out. I tried an online course, but it was rubbish and I felt ripped off, I also went to the gym, but I didn’t like it. I felt like shit afterwards…


ian precious

Wakefield, UK

Three months on and, thanks to Rich, I feel reborn.

I am a small business owner and sole trader. Everything that happens in my business is because of me. With the state of the economy, this has become more and more demanding and had begun taking a major effect on my motivation and health. I had no energy left after working hard all day…


ren banner

Father and Consultant, Barnsley, UK

My advice to anyone considering seeing Richard? Just Do It.

I began attending Richard’s Chi Gong Group around 10 weeks ago through a personal recommendation and soon after for private instruction both one-to-one and online…


catherine & malcolm byrne

Wakefield, UK

It’s miraculous.

After two years study with Richard, having lived with arthritis since age 29, now I have far fewer aches, pains, and discomfort. It’s miraculous…


Marta Smith

Psychotherapist, Wakefield, UK

Richard is an amazing Teacher!

I have known Richard Morley for at least five years, during which time he has taught me on a one-to-one basis but I had known of his reputation well before then…


Colin Hamilton

Vice president, Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Senior Instructor, Yiheyuan Chinese Martial Arts.

I highly recommend his training programmes.

I have known Rich since 2000. He first came along to my Tai Chi class hoping that Tai Chi would help him to regain his health and strength after many years of illness…


James Wodehouse

Harrogate, UK

My training with Rich has seen an improvement in my mobility, flexibility, energy, breathing…

I’ve been training on and off with Rich for about three years, mostly one-on-one training sessions and I’ve loved every one…


Gaia Hamilton

Vice President, Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. Senior Instructor Yiheyuan, Chinese Martial Arts.

A passionate commitment.

Richard is a great guy with a passionate commitment to studying and teaching all aspects of Tai Chi Chuan…


Willie Poching

Coach of the Samoan National Rugby Team.

Recommend you try Tai Chi with him.

Rich is a good teacher. I enjoyed his classes and recommend you try Tai Chi with him.


Dr. Helen Pheby

Curator, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK

Brilliant workshop.

Thanks for a brilliant workshop and exhibition opening Rich, everyone who took part enjoyed it and got a lot out of it.

I help business owners get better health, enhanced energy, and beat their stress. I help others regain their health and get their lives back, now it’s time for me to help you.

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