James Wodehouse

James Wodehouse, Harrogate, UK

Just awesome!

I’ve been training on and off with Rich for about three years, mostly one-on-one training sessions and I’ve loved every one. I also have online classes sent to me for when I can’t meet with him to train in person, which is just awesome!

Rich’s knowledge of Tai Chi is outstanding, I have never had a teacher who knows so much about their art and it is such a refreshing change… this is how all martial art teachers should be!

Rich conveys his knowledge in such a clear manner, with good explanations on application and a little background info (but not enough to detract from the training session). The regular video classes he sends are just as clear and fun to work through while providing a very valuable backup reference for more complicated movements.

As a martial artist, I really don’t know anyone who lives their art quite as well as Rich. Not only is his knowledge totally on point, he leads by example by applying his art to his own life, which is more than clear in his endless energy, positivity, and how he handles himself in ‘real-world’ situations.

My training with Rich has seen an improvement in my mobility, flexibility, energy, breathing, aches and pains have dulled considerably and the mindfulness his teaching brings has seen me handle my own life challenges so much better.

The practice techniques I’ve learned seem to have crept into my daily routine without me realising with standing techniques now my body’s go-to stances whenever stationary for any length of time.

Thanks again Rich, I look forward to training with you long into the future!

James Wodehouse
Harrogate, UK

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