jason hulott

Speedie Consulting, UK

Rich is a Lifesaver and everyone should buy some time with him!

I’ve recently joined Rich Morley’s Kick-Ass Program and he may have saved my life. And I don’t mean in a “got my nuts out of a vice work kind of thing”.

I mean, next stop is the hospital as you are about to have a heart attack. I have been in and out of doctors the last two days with a resting pulse rate of 168/118. That’s the LOWEST it was. For three days…

Rich taught me to breathe properly, now while you all wonder how I have made it to 47 years old without knowing how to breathe, I am as surprised as you.

I am on the road to a lower BP, it will take time and I have other life changes to make but wanted to say this now.

Rich is a lifesaver and everyone should buy some time with him.

Jason Hulott
Speedie Consulting, UK

I help business owners get better health, enhanced energy, and beat their stress. I help others regain their health and get their lives back, now it’s time for me to help you.

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Taking you from overwhelmed, burnt out and exhausted to giving you massive energy, a calm focused mind and super health with special techniques developed from world class Tai Chi, physiology, neuroscience, and meditation.


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