Richard Grayburn

Senior Program Manager, Amazon, Sterling, Scotland, UK

My wife has been so impressed she’s nicked the video…

Over the last few years, my lifestyle has become more and more desk-bound and sedentary. Not necessarily a deliberate choice, just where the work has led me. I’ve found that this has resulted in more and more problems with flexibility – i.e. I have none!

Waking up each morning to a sore shoulder and a stiff neck has become commonplace, the lack of movement in my hips was becoming the norm.

So I decided to do something about it and reached out to Rich (he was recommended to me by a couple of friends he had hugely helped).

You know when you talk to someone and you just get a good feeling about them? That was Rich.

I had a good long chat about the problems I was facing, he asked loads of questions and then sent through a video.

It’s simple, straightforward, incredibly easy to follow but it pushes me to the limits of my flexibility to actually do it. I’ve now been doing it daily for four weeks and the changes are frankly amazing. Stretches I was struggling with I can now do, not perfectly, but I can do them.

The sore shoulder has completely gone and the stiff neck has recovered.

All around flexibility is also improving hugely and noticeably. My wife has been so impressed she’s nicked the video and is now following it religiously every day.

Spawn 1 was home last weekend and tried a session along with me (he was humouring his dad) and liked it so much he’s nicked the video too.

Rich has since followed the original video with one for doing stretches sitting at the desk. I’ve been doing it as often as I remember, and it really does stop me from feeling so tired and “scrunched up” by the end of the day.

The support and encouragement he gives you is just brilliant, he’s a great human being that also happens to be brilliant at sorting your body out. Love him to bits!

Richard Grayburn
Senior Program Manager, Amazon, Sterling, Scotland, UK

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