steve scholey

Business Coach, Alverthorpe, UK

Rich is the real deal!

I’ve been doing Tai Chi for around 20 years and thought that I’d developed my skills to a pretty good level. Then I started training with Rich and realised that I was just on the first rung and there are many more levels to master.

Luckily Rich is many steps ahead of me and he’s a great teacher both in person and through his online materials. He can not only explain the Tai Chi classics and the fundamental principles he can physically demonstrate them.

His recovery from fibromyalgia is ample testament to his mastery of the health aspects of Tai Chi and he has taught me a lot about how to develop my own relaxation and internal energy.

However, Tai chi is first and foremost a fighting art, and in 20 years Rich is by far the best person I have ever pushed hands with. He can quite literally send me flying across the room with his little finger (probably while also standing on one leg). And his ability to sense his opponent and control their movement is frankly astounding.

There is no doubt that Rich is the real deal and I heartily recommend him to anyone who wants to learn the wonderful art of Tai Chi.

Steve Scholey
Business Coach, Alverthorpe, UK

I help business owners get better health, enhanced energy, and beat their stress. I help others regain their health and get their lives back, now it’s time for me to help you.

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