david wishon

Vice President, Boston, MA, USA

The course was amazing!

I love Rich’s Kick-Ass Dad course.

I joined because I needed a pick me up. I was 41 and I was tired! I would get home from work, have dinner with the family, clean up, put my little ones to bed, and just be done for the day. Every day I wondered if I should just go straight to bed. I only had the energy to turn on the TV and veg.

I wanted more. For my kids, my wife, my friends, my work, and for me. I wanted to be energized and to be present for whatever was most important.

I’d tried going to the gym and used to do weight training and cardio 3 or 4 times a week. I got stronger and I would sweat, but I still felt tired! I did Hot Yoga, which was great for my flexibility but I was exhausted after the class. Within two hours I wanted a nap. When I started the course I realised that it hugely enhanced my yoga too. I felt like I had the principles I was looking for. My breathing was so much more effective and I breezed through my Yoga classes. No more time spent in Child’s pose for me.

The course was amazing! I just started to get more energy. It happened within the first week of my daily training. By the 2nd and 3rd weeks I was amazed.

I woke up with energy and had reserves at the end of the day. It also gave me the skills to practice at my own time and pace but also so I memorized the warm-up and sequences to actually do it on my own after the class was over. I got so hooked that I found myself doing exercises while at work, on the train, and at our home.

As a result of these classes and my training I now have so much energy. I am doing a better job at work, I am a better husband, and a better dad.I have more patience, more options in how I respond and I have more focus than ever due to the meditative practice. Dinner, clear up, bath time, and bedtime used to leave me exhausted and I could lose my patience with a 3 and 1-year-old not following instructions so I would start to command them.

Now I’m much more creative and playful on how I get them to do what I want. It’s more fun and more effective.

Rich is a Tai Chi rock star!

He breaks down the movements and where your focus needs to be really well. He is so knowledgeable and it is really easy to follow. I really enjoy the Zoom coaching sessions where I can ask questions when I am not clear. He is really responsive and I would highly recommend him. I started the introductory course and upgraded to the ongoing course.

I feel like my life will continue to be more full. My focus is getting more clear, my relationships strengthening and the amount of things I can do and manage each day has increased. I feel like I’m fulfilling more of my potential and have the energy and vibrancy to do it!

This is now part of my life and just the start of my Journey!

I really feel like I’m a Kick-Ass Dad.

Thanks, Rich!

David Wishon
Vice President, Boston, MA, USA

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